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Calculation formula

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Calculation formula

You do not know how to check roll weight and other datas? MAISHI help you!

Wire diameter(MM)

Aperture/Opening size(MM)



Mesh count(N/INCH)

1)Plain weave & Twill weave

Kg/roll=wire diameter*wire diameter*mesh count*width*length/2

2)Plain Dutch Weave & Twill Dutch Weave & Reverse Dutch Weave

Kg/roll=weft wire diameter*weft wire diameter*weft mesh*width*heigth/4+warp wire diameter*warp wire diameter*warp wire diameter*warp mesh*width*length/4

3)Mesh count=25.4mm/(wire diameter+aperture)

4)Aperture=25.4/mesh count-wire diameter

5)Open area(%)=wire diameter*wire diameter/(wire diameter+aperture)²*100%

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