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  • How to measure wire mesh? -glossary of terms

    Aperture (w) space between adjacent parallel wires
    Wire diameter (d) diameter of wire before weaving
    Mesh count (n) Number of aperture per lineal inch measured from the center of one wire to a point 1 inch distant.
    Pitch (p) Distance between the centers of two adjacent wires i.e. w+d
    Warp Wires running lengthwise in the cloth as woven
    Weft Wires running crosswire in the cloth as woven
    Open area The fractional open surface area of the wirecloth in follow direction. (applicable for square meshes only)
  • What is wire diameter?

    hot to measure wire mesh

    Wire diameter is always checked with a micrometer caliper as shown. Diameters of wires in both directions should be checked. The illustration shows .025 diameter wire.

  • Wire mesh calculator

    The following calculator is used for convert between mesh count, opening size and wire diameter.

    Mesh Count(per inch):
    Opening Size(mm):
    Wire Diameter(mm):

    You could input the value of any two variable of this three, and click "Calculate" to get the end Value you want.

    For example, you could fill in the "mesh count" with "100", fill in the "wire diameter" with "0.1", click "Calculate", you would get the opening size to be "0.154".

  • Why would the stainless steel wire mesh get dark?

    Stainless steel wire mesh smooth shiny surface, but sometimes there will be some dark, black color.Is the material we have a problem?But with stainless steel potions test fluid measurement is 304 material, yes, what reason is this?

    Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly iron, nickel, chromium inside three metal alloys.Three elements can be different.Iron content of chromium content for a bright, same as dark nickel content.But the high iron content is more dark.So can't by the brightness ratio to determine its content.Stainless steel wire mesh surfaces because the results of the stainless steel wire is heated oxidation.Stainless steel wire in the process of drawing, wire drawing machine lubrication is not good, the friction resistance is big, fever caused by serious segregation, stainless steel wire rod surface precipitation is internal alloy composition, is very hard not too good.

    By oil effectively to avoid black stainless steel wire is to reduce the friction resistance of stretch, not on high temperature wire surface form, realize the heat dispersion in a timely manner.The speed of wire drawing machine will also be cut appropriately to avoid thermal oxidation of stainless steel wire.

  • How to store the stainless steel mesh and warehouse store requirements?

    Is a corrosion-resistant stainless steel mesh wire, not absolute does not rust, and corruption in the chemical properties of the medium is not particularly strong.

    The corrosion resistance of stainless steel wire is subject to its chemical elements nickel, chromium, copper, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, nitrogen impact. Optional stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh material to be considered, because the structure and properties of stainless steel wire mesh it uses a very high demand, in addition to these stainless steel mesh storage environment is also very important, I explain below stainless steel plant Mesh storage requirements.

    1. Stainless steel wire mesh coffers required to maintain ventilation, dry and should be clean, and avoid direct sunlight;
    2. inclement weather, to take appropriate precautions to avoid the rain and snow stainless steel wire mesh products have been affected;
    3. Stainless steel mesh to lay the packaging, to avoid contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other substances;
    4. Stainless steel wire mesh products to be classified put away, put a roll, each going over a quarter turning once;
    5. Temperature and Humidity control is best at room temperature below 25 degrees, 50 degrees and humidity is best.
    6. find any link problems, to quickly resolve.

    I believe the above points, the customer's stainless steel mesh life will be considerably extended.

  • Can I get samples?

    We are pleased to provide samples for your testing and inspecting.

    The sample is free if the samples size is less than 400mmx400mm, yon only need to pay for the courier charge.

    Please contact us if you need larger samples.

  • Can I add our lable or sticker on the rolls, cartor or pallet?

    Yes, sure. But please note that it dosen't contain any material on copyright infringement.

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