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Material: silver.

silver wire meshPreparation: plain weave, twilled weave, plain dutch weave, twilled dutch weave, reverse dutch weave five kinds of methods.

Application: all kinds of automation equipment, rockets, submarines, computer, nuclear device and communications systems.

Silver mesh according to the production process is divided into net silver and silver plate mesh (net silver foil).

Silver Wire Mesh:
Uses the precision weaving machine, latitude and longitude by silver cross woven, general for the square hole mesh. Characteristic: has the very good ductility, its electrical conductivity and heat transfer are the highest in all of the metal.
Application: collecting network with battery electrode nets, cell skeleton.

Silver plate mesh (net silver foil):
The precision stamping punch stretching, general for the diamond mesh.
Thickness: 0.04 -- 3.5 mm.
Hole size: 0.3 mm, 0.3 mm, 1 x2mm, 1.5 X3mm X2.5 1.5 mm, 2 X3mm, 2 x4mm, 3 x6mm, 4 x8mm, 5 x10mm and so on.Special specifications can produce according to customer's request.
Aperture: is the diamond, diamond long.
Application: collecting network with battery electrodes, battery skeleton network, experimental material, the high precision filtration equipment.

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